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關於創作實踐的研究,我重新思考了拼貼作為一種創作方法和藝術媒介的作用。我企圖結合數位攝影和複製、再製技術,探索於 21 世紀汲取傳統卻也超越傳統的拼貼方法。視覺文化與科技密切相關,包括版畫、攝影和影像處理軟體等多種技術。通過機械的複製、再製技術,被製作出的圖像可以出現在許多地方,並與文本或其他圖像重新加工、組合以創造情境。攝影是一個涉及數位和符號複製的過程,而拼貼作為一種方法論,可以破壞亦融合媒介和形式。

在全球化語境中,我通過探索文化相似性、互聯網效應及自我意識等互為關連的主題來進行創作實踐。作品〈拃〉(Those Spanned by the Collage)運用的拼貼概念和方法涉及二維、三維和整體空間的建構,探討媒材於不同維度之間的轉變和所使用元素的物質性變化,以及拼貼技法如何與科技進步相結合,以順應及推進當代創作趨勢。物質的空間關係所產生的彈性和可塑性,擴展了拼貼的特點和性能。媒材、影像和物件在不同維度與物質性之間的振盪,拼貼得以是「未粘貼」和「持續擴展/擴展中」的實踐。

In my study of creative practice, I reconsider the agency of collage as both a creative method and an artistic medium. I combine digital photography and reproductive techniques to explore collage methods that draw on and transcend tradition in the 21st century. Visual culture is closely related to technology, including several techniques such as printmaking, photography, or computer imaging software. With mechanical reproduction, a mechanically, electronically, or digitally reproduced image can appear in many places and can be combined or reworked with text or other images. Photography is a process involving digital and symbolic reproduction, whereas collage as a methodology can disrupt and fuse mediums and forms.

In the context of globalisation, I undertake my creative practice by exploring cultural similarities and differences, the effects of the Internet, and self-awareness. The concept and method of the collage work, Those Spanned by the Collage, involves the construction of the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and space. I explore the transformation of media between different dimensions and the changes in the materiality of the elements used. I combine collage techniques with technological advancements to conform to and advance contemporary creative trends. The elasticity and plasticity generated by the spatial relations of matter expand the characteristics and properties of collage. The oscillations of media, images, and objects between different dimensions and materiality make collage an unpasted and expanded practice.


Those Spanned by the Collage

Mixed Media, Collage, Installation

Dimensions Variable, 2023

紀錄照片 ∣ 曼徹斯特都會大學 - 70 Oxford Street,曼徹斯特,英國 ∣ 2023年3月22日至3月29日

View ∣ Manchester Metropolitan University - 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, UK ∣ March 22nd - 29th, 2023

吳秉祈 Bing-Chi Wu_拃 Those Spanned by the Collage_拼貼裝置_尺寸視空間而定 (956x720).jpg

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世安美學獎 S-An Aesthetics Award(2023):作品鑑賞 Appreciation of Works

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