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Most magazines open up our yearning for a better life by showing beautiful and outstanding people and things; choose the most suitable and best-looking photos, and attract the audience with the most exciting and positive stories. We neglect the deleted pictures and text, the hours and labor cost behind it, as well as the difficulties encountered by people and things. As most people working day after day, they are rarely praised for good achievements, while most of the time they let go the facts and bury shadows. I am not sighing about it, yet during a short break in the busy life, I suddenly realize that someday we will know whether the shadow of the past is a gift from God, or the result of personal behavior; we will know whether the coarse particles that seem to be noise so far can build a beautiful life. However, when we are giving people and things the positive label, are the standards too simplistic? Maybe it caters to too much or knows nothing about the mainstream, and gradually forgets the possibility of looking at it from multiple angles. Furthermore, when we are looking at the bright side of people and things, whether we concern about the content beyond what we see and below the surface. I intend to reconsider the definition of a beautiful life and explore the essence and truth about the Universe through the project: Beauty Life Magazine.

Beauty Life magazine is a collection of the author's previous photographic and archival materials. The content of those are not enough to be praised, nor can they create joys for viewers, and also those documents that are kept well and rarely recalled. As the proof of the effort, they are actually real and with the past, present, and the future are connected. Although they are not the best, they are definitely true. Accumulation has created the present, and believing that due to the perseverance, we will win a surprise one day in the future.

There are 16 issues of Beauty Life magazine hinting at 16 truths in Bing-Chi's eyes: The desire to try new things, Remember the forgetting, Like an escape plan, Full of shadows, A kind of repeated practice, The end can be seen, Not clear, Time is precious, No one can understand, Is interesting, Day after day, Learn to accept, Learn to embrace, Always been like this, Handle the relations with the world, Handle the relations with your own.



Beauty Life Magazine

Revolving magazine rack, Magazines

50x50x170cm, 2020

吳秉祈 Bing-Chi Wu - 美麗人生雜誌_旋轉雜誌架、雜誌_50 x 50 x 170
(官網用) 吳秉祈-美麗人生雜誌_旋轉雜誌架、雜誌_50 x 50 x 170
(官網用) 吳秉祈-美麗人生雜誌_旋轉雜誌架、雜誌_50 x 50 x 170

「臺灣當代一年展」展場紀錄照片 ∣ 花博公園爭艷館,臺北,臺灣 ∣ 2020

Exhibition View: “Taiwan Annual” ∣ Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome, Taipei, Taiwan ∣ 2020

(720x1280) 吳秉祈 WU, Bing-Chi - 美麗人生雜誌 -「臺
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